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Registration Opens written by jer1co, 2010-04-01 09:25 CEST (7 comments)

Hi again eSporters!

We are moving well enough with the writeing of the rules. Now WE OPEN THE REGISTRATION, to seek out how many teams would come to play. But we need your help to.
The Rules are not ready yet, and if you have any ideas about the fair and playable gameplay, please let us now, please share to us and we will talk about it.

Important, the rules, that we lay down you must keep in mind for the better and fairer gameplay to each other. And of course, we reserve the right to change the rules any time.

If you have any questions, pls contact me here, or at irc #cnc4tournament @ Quakenet.

For Sign up to the Tournament, you must register at tourey.cc and then you can register a team.
For the registration, you can register the team under the profile menu.
After you register a team, your teammates, can register under it.
To Sign up the tournament, there is a sign up button, next to the MY Profile. Click on it.
For a complete sign up, must contains at least 5 players.

Regards and see you at the Battlefied!

Opening written by jer1co, 2010-03-30 14:21 CEST (3 comments)

Welcome at the Command and Conquer 4 Tournament

Though despite the mixed reception to the new game has received, a lot of players liked the new system. Unfortunately, a lot biggest official competition sites is not launched team ladders and cups, thats why we want to start the first Command and Conquer 4 5on5 cup.

We hope a lot of teams around the world to attract their interest, but at least a minimum of 6-8 team will register.
Currently, there is no prizes of the competition. We would like to try it, how to play the game at an eSport level.

The cup will soon begin. We currently write up the rules. We play that, you can register for the tournament at the next week.

If you have any question you can ask on #cnc4tournament channel at quakenet.

Willkommen auf dem Command and Conquer 4 Turnier

Trotz der gemischten Gefühle, die in dem neuen Spiel enthalten sind, gefiel vielen Spielern das neue System. Leider vielen großen offiziellen Seiten ist dieses aus geblieben. Keine Cup´s und keine Team ladder, deswegen wollen wir den ersten Command & Conquer 4 Cup beginnen.

Wir hoffen das sich viele Teams von der ganzen Welt bei uns anmelden und mit interesse dabei sind, aber zum schluss müssen sich mindestens 6-8 Teams einloggen. Zurzeit ist noch kein Preis festgesetzt. Wir möchten zuerst außprobieren wie sich das Spiel auf einem E-sport lvl Spielen lässt!

Der Cup wird in der nächsten Zeit beginnen. Zurzeit sind wir noch dabei die Regeln zu setzten. Wir werden alles Planen und ihr könnt euch ab nächster Woche Registrieren.

Habt ihr irgendwelche Fragen dann kommt ins quakenet unter #cnc4tournament.


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