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A huge merge, a NEW begining. written by jer1co, 2010-04-14 12:44 CEST (22 comments)

Hi again.

I want to start with from one view a sad but with one view a very good news.

Today we close this cup site. The reason is Death and I (jer1co) get into the ESL's CnC4 admin staff, so we decided that we continue our work in the realms of ESL.

Why is good for you? Lot of teams, biggest prestige, and maybe possible prizes. And the admin team is much more bigger.

Now at ESL we renewed the ladder rules and at the evening there will be a 3on3 CUP.

I hope we can continoue our work with you at ESL.

See you there Guys.

http://www.esl.eu/eu/cnc4 [esl.eu]

Best Regards
Death and jer1co

Signup phase and Rules update written by jer1co, 2010-04-08 09:55 CEST (14 comments)

Hi Everyone!

The signup phase will and the 18th of Aprli. Plsease fill up your team. If there will be six teams, we manage the cup with them.

I hope more teams will come.

We have updated the General rules considering the new patch.

Death and jer1co

New Patch and Tiberiumfusion out written by jer1co, 2010-04-07 10:27 CEST (8 comments)

Hello Everyone!

A new game patch released today by the EA. The patch contains several bugfixes, and finally we got the WorldBuilder.

If anyone build a good map and want to drop into our map pool, write me a pm.


The Tiberiumfusion left the sign up phase because they cant find players and cant practice for this event. We are sorry about it.
Good luck them for the future.

Please fill up your teams and we can start the cup next week.

Death and jer1co
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